Share Collaborative’s online courses are designed for human services teams to increase and enhance their skill to provide culturally reverent, trauma-informed services and manifest a consistent culture of service across your team.

Share’s integrated approach to teaching and training simplifies the implementation of evidence-based trauma-informed methods. Comprised of seasoned professionals who have been working and serving human service teams, programs, agencies, and systems for over 20 years, our diverse team of facilitators delivers tailored, culturally reverent, and practical trainings that are instantly applicable.

Since 2015, we’ve taught teams in health care, criminal justice, education, workforce development, behavioral health, addictions treatment and on.

Our online courses can be taken individually or as integrated whole. They are best experienced in small groups at a cadence that best suits your team.

Designed to support an implementation mindset, our courses teach an integrated approach to embracing foundational evidence-based practices. The resulting impacts are increases in team retention and positive outcomes for those you serve.

Those who embrace our library of courses may request, at no additional cost, contextual demos to better integrate and contextualize your team’s learning and application. Contact us at any time at [email protected] with questions or requests. All of our online courses can also be delivered live to your team, in-room on online.

We look forward to supporting your team to manifest a consistent culture of service that is trauma-informed, culturally reverent, and empowering. 

To learn more about Share Collaborative you go here: https://sharecollaborative.org/.

We are honored to be a support on your journey of service!

"I have attented countless Motivational Interviewing trainings, but this one is by far the most interactive and will stick with me. Many interactive activities and kept everyone engaged."

- Ryne, Case Manager

"Great presentation. Shawn was able to simplify a complex idea and connect it to my work. I can see how it can fit into my interactions with clients. Great stories, examples, and videos.

- Bao, Case Manager at Homeless Shelter for Men